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Solar Foods offers partners and investors a path to change the food industry for good. Alternative proteins will be on everybody’s plates soon. Our goal is to build a platform where we craft the future of food together with the industry’s leading brands.

Juha-Pekka Pitkänen and Pasi Vainikka

Choosing Solar Foods

Sustainable choices only matter if people are ready to make them. We believe having access to an alternative natural protein shouldn’t require you to sacrifice your choices, or taste buds, as a consumer. Consumers will choose products that feel familiar and taste great. They will also be delighted if the products are also healthy and ethically produced.

We are constantly testing our ingredients in several familiar recipes and have created delicious and incredibly sustainable dishes.

The alternative protein market

Boston Consulting Group and Blue Horizon estimate in their 2021 report that alternative proteins will grow to at least $290bn and make up 11% of the overall protein market by 2035. With full regulatory support and speedy technological developments that market share could double to 22%.

There are several growth drivers driving the alternative protein market. Customer demand is rising with 65% of Americans having consumed plant-based meat in 2021. Many of the world’s largest food producers have set strict CO2 goals for themselves in the next decade. The main protein source in 75% of meat substitutes is still soy, which is problematic environmentally. The demand for a more sustainable and secure supply of food is growing exponentially as well.

So far, a few alternative protein products have been cleared for sales in the US and Singapore, but the wider market is still emerging. We estimate Europe, the United States and selected countries in Asia will be our growth markets in the next few years. With scalable solutions and the right partnerships we expect to take our vision global.

Solar Foods received the first novel food regulatory approval for Solein® in September 2022 from the Singapore Food Agency (SFA).

Our business environment

What sets Solar Foods apart from its competitors is our approach, which combines deep knowledge in both bioprocessing and renewable energy. We are completely disconnected from agriculture unlike plant-based protein.

Our main resource, renewable electricity, is powered by the sun and its price is dropping massively. We have a unique bioprocess, evidence of a functional, nutritious product and a clear path to scaling our solution.

We are building a food tech platform to create safe and nutritious ingredients with just a fraction of the natural resources spent and emissions created by traditional agriculture.

Our first novel food product: Solein®

The world’s first commercial-scale Solein facility, Factory 01, is being built in Vantaa and set to start full-scale production of the world’s most sustainable protein in 2024.

Solein has incomparable value propositions to food producers.

1. Superior nutritional profile 
A protein source with vitamins that is bioavailable, non-GMO and non-allergenic.

2. Most ecological 
Requires 100x less water and 20x less land than plants.

3. Versatile
Great texture and flavour attributes for a variety of food products.

4. Stable price and consistent quality 
Price not dependent on external factors.

5. Fast to produce and cost competitive
Flexible and reliable production methods.

6. Locally produced 
Can be produced anywhere protein is needed.

Solar Foods received the first novel food regulatory approval for Solein® on 29 September 2022 in Singapore from the Singapore Food Agency (SFA).

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We are always happy to hear from investors who share our vision and want to be a part of the sustainable future of food. Unfortunately, at this stage we are unable to accommodate for interest from retail investors instead prioritising major institutional investors and partnerships.

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