Introducing Solein®

Protein production shouldn’t be limited by our world’s natural resources. Neither should it burden our environment. That´s why we created Solein – protein so pure, its literally born out of thin air.

The ideal ingredient for any food

Solein, protein out of thin air, is not a plant nor an animal. It originates from a natural, non-modified, single-cell organism. It is nonetheless a completely natural protein, even though it is not grown traditionally. Solein offers endless possibilities for the food industry and the nutritious, tasty and sustainable foods of tomorrow.

Endless possibilities

Solein vanishes into virtually any daily meal while simultaneously maintaining its nutrient density. By offering a unified solution that caters to virtually every imaginable meal of today, Solein can replace the protein in virtually any food.

Up until now, the novel protein has been produced only in small quantities and Solein-powered foods have been available in limited editions. This is finally about to change. Factory 01, the world’s first Solein factory begins operations in Finland. As Solein production moves to a commercial scale, food brands will be able to explore the ingredients potential in a whole new way.

To learn more about how Solein will liberate global protein production, visit Solein’s own website.

Solein has a distinct yellow colour and it can taste like anything.
dietary fibres
mineral nutrients
65-70 %
5-8 %
10-15 %
3-5 %

Nutritious goodness

Solein is 65-70 % protein, 5-8 % fat (primarily unsaturated fats), 10-15 % dietary fibres and 3-5 % mineral nutrients. The macronutrient composition of the cells is very similar to that of dried soy or algae. Solein provides iron, fibre and B vitamins.

While protein is found in both plant and animal-based foods, edible proteins are not all the same. They are made up of different combinations of amino acids and are characterised by the ratio and amount of essential amino acids they have.

Solein contains all of the nine essential amino acids that are required by the human body.

Solein is a versatile, functional ingredient…
…that lets the food’s familiar flavours shine

Creating a better tomorrow

Solein unlocks a world of new food diversity that is genuinely sustainable. It not only creates an infinite food supply for our world but also allows consumers to choose foods with a genuinely sustainable protein source. By mixing together our knowledge of nature and science, we seek to create a delicious future of food filled with mouth-watering possibilities.


Solein will liberate global
protein production

  1. Secure supply
    Solein can be grown anywhere in the world, providing a secure supply of protein.
  2. No ethical or environmental harm
    Solein avoids all the ethical dilemmas of agriculture from destructive land use to animal suffering.
  3. Cost competitive
    Solein production can easily be scaled and the price of renewable energy is rapidly dropping.
  4. Nutritious
    Solein has a verifiably balanced nutritional profile containing protein, dietary fibres, vitamins and minerals.
  5. Highly functional
    Solein has been successfully tested in multiple foods with different tastes and textures, ranging from alternative meat to noodles to ice cream.

Solar Foods’ Solein® received its first novel food regulatory approval in September 2022 from the Singapore Food Agency (SFA). This approves the import, manufacture and sale of food products containing Solein in Singapore. Solar Foods has filed for novel food dossier for Solein in other key markets such as the EU and UK and plans to seek GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status assessment for Solein in the United States. The world’s first commercial-scale Solein production facility, Factory 01, has started production in spring 2024.