Solar Foods selected among the top 10 startup companies in Finland

Talouselämä, Nordic region’s largest weekly business magazine, has named Solar Foods as one of the most promising startup companies in Finland in 2019. The businesses chosen on the list all share an ambitious strategy and remarkable technological know-how.

The top 10 businesses chosen by Talouselämä are all true leaders in their own field. Some have already entered a more advanced stage, some are still in their product development phase, but all share a common target for rapid internationalisation and growth. Each company also possesses a type of innovation and business model that the jury believe to have the potential to become a global market leader in its field. Among the ten most promising startup companies, many have a solid scientific background. Solar Foods is no exception. The Talouselämä jury praised that these companies are a testament to what high-quality basic research can accomplish when a tightly focused cluster of expertise is formed around its chosen field.

One of the leading arguments for choosing Solar Foods for the Top 10 list was that “In the future, if we need to feed ten billion people in this world, alternative protein sources are absolutely essential. Solar Foods’ solution could very well be one of them.”