Share issue starts: investment opportunity open for investors in Finland

We are excited to announce a new opportunity to join the Solar Foods journey: a share issue on the investment organizer Springvest’s website is now open.

Springvest Oyj works with growth companies and providing opportunities for investors to invest in unlisted shares. Solar Foods is currently ramping up production and operations of the company’s Factory 01. Solar Foods estimates the factory will be able to produce a maximum of 160 tons of Solein® annually, helping in the company’s efforts to commercialise the novel protein.  

Please note that due to regulatory constraints, investment activities are restricted to the territorial boundaries of Finland exclusively. To participate in the investment, the participants are required to undergo authentication using Finnish Bank IDs. Investment activities originating from outside Finland are not permissible. 


For Finnish investors (material only in Finnish). 

Learn more about the current funding round here.