Funding received for pre-engineering of Solar Foods production facility

Since 1997, Ålandsbanken has donated nearly €2 million to companies and education programmes that are either improving or will have the potential to improve the condition of the Baltic Sea. Solar Foods was one of the 11 awards winners in this year’s contest.

The Baltic Sea Project stands as a great example of the issues Solar Foods is tackling. Compared to larger oceans, the Baltic Sea is a small and shallow body of water. Therefore, the Gulf of Finland is among the most polluted seas in the world due to the environmental effects of industry and farming. The project was set up as an example for companies and organisations in the Baltic Sea region, and to remind people that everyone can act in order to improve the situation of our beloved sea.

The award includes a grant of €50,000, which Solar Foods will use to cover part of the costs of the engineering design work required to bring its first full-scale production facility to fruition. The design of the new factory is just one of the significant developments taking place within Solar Foods in 2019.