Factory 01: From blueprints into practice

Factory 01 is becoming more concrete day by day. The vision is moving from blueprint to practice and diagrams are turning into pipes and equipment. It’s about time to introduce the person who oversees the world’s most groundbreaking factory once everything is finalized.

“Every now and then one is given a chance to become part of something extraordinary. I’m stoked for this opportunity, to be a part of this unique project with a team of cross-disciplinary multitalents.”, says our new Factory 01 leader, VP of Production Jouni Ahtinen.

“Our project is on schedule, but it could take just one hiccup to put us off track as our process is a delicate one. As a group of scientists, we test and research everything beforehand, but we also know that there are always certain variables that will change during the process and therefore some surprises will occur. We will be ready and prepared for those too. One thing is for sure though, the Factory 01 will soon be ready, and it will be a game changer.”, Jouni continues.


The time is now

We have been working with our pilot project for more than three years now and preparing the process for scaling up. Doing things on a bigger scale brings in some extra excitement for sure, but we are ready for pretty much anything.

Our current and potential future investors are interested in a few things, one of them being scalability: will the process work on a bigger scale?

”We know it will: our production process is designed in a way that each step of the process is scalable. Soon the Factory 01 will be up and running producing vast amounts of Solein®. And from that moment on, the ones who hopped on early should feel quite ecstatic.”, Jouni states.



Business as unusual

In the future, building up Solein factories around the world will be business as usual, or should we say unusual as it will be changing the game.

“I’m very much looking forward to the launch of Factory 01, which is just around the corner. But what I am the most excited about is the everyday journey getting there. And the journey has only just begun.”, Jouni concludes.

Factory 01 is estimated to start commercial production during the first half of 2024.