Food Out of Thin Air

For the first time in history, humankind can produce food without burdening our home planet.

Liberating protein production

Food production, as we know it, is entirely dependent on land and weather conditions. Protein production is a massively disproportionate squanderer of the Earth’s resources. We are now entering the era of sustainable food production to liberate our planet from the burdens of agriculture.

Harvesting natural microscopic food

Our unique bioprocess can grow a single microorganism, one of the billions found in nature, into an endless supply of edible food with air, electricity and fermentation. This bioprocess may not be traditional, but it is as natural as the air we breathe.

Solein® – protein out of thin air

Solein is an all-purpose protein grown with the air we breathe. It is nutritionally rich, can taste and look like anything you use it for, and is unparalleled in its functionality – it can be used in any food, regardless of diet. And now it is entering commercial production.

A radical impact on the future of food

Traditional food production relies on agricultural means, requiring massive amounts of water and land. The impact of Solar Foods comes from breaking the connection between agriculture and food. It’s time to usher in a new era of sustainable food production and a limitless future of possibilities, liberating the planet of the burdens of agriculture.

From a vision to concrete action

We lead by example. Construction of Factory 01 began in 2021 and now, in spring of 2024, we are starting the production of the world’s most sustainable protein. And this factory is only the first of many to come.